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    Sax Tenor Silver Dark Lacquer

    Sax Tenor Silver Dark Lacquer

    Entry level SILVER SERIES TENOR is designed for students and amateurs and gives new musicians the opportunity to learn and progress on a budget instrument with superior sound quality for its category. The sound is round and well centered and the mechanics are precise and functional. Luca Cardinali personally performs the annealing process and the quality checks with same attention to detail that he puts in for the premium lines, granting the core quality of these saxophones.

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    • Ance Tenore

      Ance Tenore

      Le line Classic e Jazz sono diverse per sia nella struttura che nel disegno e offrono risposte timbriche distinte, adatte a musicisti che prediligono vari generi musicali. La linea Classic è dedicata ai musicisti classici, ma alcuni le utilizzano anche in contesti Jazz. La linea Jazz è dedicata ai musicisti che preferiscono sonorità moderne e Jazz.