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    Sax Tenor Platinum Vintage

    Sax Tenor Platinum Vintage

    Top of the line PLATINUM SERIES TENOR VINTAGE was designed with the intent to reproduce a timbre close to Selmer’s Balanced Action and Mark VI, but with a better intonation. The result is a warm powerful sound, very rich in harmonics, but easy and immediate in the high register. As part of the Platinum Series, this alto is customizable on request in every aspect and the set-up is always carefully tailored to the specific preferences of each musician. This professional line is made in Italy by Luca Cardinali and is the choice of many international top artists.

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      The Classic line and the Jazz line are different in structure and shape so as to give distinct timbre responses, suitable for performers who enjoy a variety of musical genres. The Classic line is for classical musicians, but some prefer to use them for Jazz as well. The Jazz line is for musicians who prefer modern sounds and Jazz.