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Sax Tenor Gold Brushed

Sax Tenor Gold Brushed


LUPIFARO by CARDINALI TENOR GOLD BRUSHED features a powerful output volume and a round sound, very present and perfectly suitable for Jazz and R&B musicians. The brushed finishing gives this instrument a vintage yet original touch. This line is dedicated to semi- professional to professional musicians who want an instrument that features not only high-quality materials and finishing, but also excellent sound performance. The crucial annealing process is personally performed by Luca Cardinali, who supervises the entire production process with meticulous attention. This line is decorated by a beautiful handmade engraving done by our expert artisans.

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    Tenor Reeds

    The Classic line and the Jazz line are different in structure and shape so as to give distinct timbre responses, suitable for performers who enjoy a variety of musical genres. The Classic line is for classical musicians, but some prefer to use them for Jazz as well. The Jazz line is for musicians who prefer modern sounds and Jazz.