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    Sax Alto Platinum Vintage

    Sax Alto Platinum Vintage

    Top of the line PLATINUM SERIES ALTO VINTAGE features a powerful centered sound, rich in harmonics. Mechanics have been refined and further improved from the previous version, resulting in a very responsive but easily controllable instrument. As part of the Platinum Series, this alto is customizable on request in every aspect and the set-up is always carefully tailored to the specific preferences of each musician. This professional line is made in Italy by Luca Cardinali and is the choice of many international top artists.

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      Le line Classic e Jazz sono diverse per sia nella struttura che nel disegno e offrono risposte timbriche distinte, adatte a musicisti che prediligono vari generi musicali. La linea Classic è dedicata ai musicisti classici, ma alcuni le utilizzano anche in contesti Jazz. La linea Jazz è dedicata ai musicisti che preferiscono sonorità moderne e Jazz.