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    Alto Evo Reeds

    Alto Evo Reeds

    Lupifaro Alto Evo Reeds are an evolution of our previous Lupifaro Alto Jazz. We modified the cut in order to obtain even more vintage sounds and a feeling closer to oldschool reeds.

    To obtain this new cut the milling machines’ settings were pushed to their technical limits and some reeds may present an irregular cut on its back (more square rather than “U” shaped like classic unfiled cuts). This unusual aesthetic difference does not affect in any way the sound quality and shall not be considered a defect. The cane we used is a natural raw material and is never perfectly regular in shape.

    Lupifaro Evo Reeds give an unparalleled steady and balanced response throughout the whole registry, keeping the sound full and compact. These reeds are hand selected and the quality check is as strict as it has always been.

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