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13046 Livorno Ferraris (Vercelli)
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  •  610,00

    Clarinetto Mรผller

    Our Bb Clarinet is built from a carefully selected blend of materials, offers a stable intonation and features ergonomic, silver-plated, keys that help improve the musicianโ€™s confidence while fingering the various notes. In the supplied carrying case you will also find two barrels: we believe that this extra feature will help students maintain a more accurate pitch while playing with an ensemble.

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    Clarinetto Bรถhm

    Il nostro Clarinetto Bb รจ composto da una miscela di materiali accuratamente selezionati, offre un'intonazione stabile e tasti argentati dall'eccellente ergonomia che aiutano a migliorare la sicurezza del musicista nel suonare le varie note. Nella valigetta in dotazione troverete anche due diversi barilotti: riteniamo che questo elemento aggiuntivo aiuterร  gli studenti a mantenere un'intonazione piรน precisa in contesti di ensemble.

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    Clarinet Reeds

    Lupifaro by Cardinali Classic reeds are made for classical musicians, but some prefer to use them for Jazz as well. These reeds are extremely reliable and responsive and offer an unparalleled overall performance.